Saturday, 27 April 2013

TeamViewer 7.0 Full Version



TeamViewer is a free tool,  All-In-One Solution for Remote Access. Team viewer use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection that lets you to take control of anather PC from your computer and support over the Internet.
TeamViewer easly connects your to any PC or server within a few seconds around the world. You can control remote access your partner's PC friendly.

Control remotely others computers Through the internet,
Record your all session and covert it to AVI file format,
Multi-Monitor support.,
Drag & Drop any files or documents,
online meetings etc.
TeamViewer Quick Support

How to Use:
1. Just download TeamViewer sofware by clicking download or dowanload link amd install on your hard drive.
 (Download Link:
2.Then run TeamViewer software after finish your installation process.
3. Now you will see your ID and Password which is giving below:
TeamViewer main Window

4. Now give your patner ID into patner ID box then Click connect to patner and Enjoy.....@@@

DAEMON Tools Full Version (Lite, Pro) Windows 7 & 8


DAEMON Tools is best software for virtual CD/DVD, you can also back up your physical CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray discs into "virtual discs". It’s  also called "disc image" files, which run directly on your hard Disk drive. You can also work  with images created by other burning programs with DAEMON Tools virtual CD/DVD,  supports variety of image types. Use CD/DVD image converter,,,  to have one format images in your Image Catalog...

DAEMON Tools Lite [Commercial] has enabled you to emulate up to 4 CD/DVD virtual drives on your Computer. Virtual drives will appear in your operating system just like real ones,,!!!
1. You can also create *.iso and *.mds images;
2. You can also emulate up to 4 virtual CD/DVD drives;
3. Quick performs image mounting and unminting;
4. And supports *.b5t, *.b6t, *.cue, *.nrg, *.pdi, *.isz; *.bwt, *.ccd, *.cdi  offers powerful command line interface.

Download Link:

How to install:
1. At first Download DAEMON Tools Lite and install on your hard drive.
2. Finish your installation progress,
3. Now choose a disc image and select a virtual drive then you want to mount and then find the created virtual drive with mounted disc image in My Computer. Start working,,,!!! Now it's Looks like a real drive and a real disc, does  not it....? Yes, but it's much faster and much better!

Friday, 26 April 2013


Computer History:

The tool known as “ABACUS” was the age-old tool used by man to count and calculate was designed and developed by Chinese (Asia Minor) nearly 5000 years ago. The abacus may be considered the first computer. This device allowed its users to make computations using a system of sliding beads arranged on a rack. Early shopkeepers used the abacus to keep up with transactions. The use of pencil and paper spread, the abacus lost its importance. Nearly twelve centuries past before the next important advance in computing devices emerged.
In 1642, Blaise Pascal, the 18-year-old son of a French tax collector, invented what he called a numerical wheel calculator to help his father with his duties. The Pascaline, a brass rectangular box, used eight movable dials to add sums up to eight figures long. Pascal's device used a base of ten to achieve this. The disadvantage to the Pascaline, of course, was its limitation to addition. In 1694, Gottfried Wilhem von Leibniza a German mathematician and philosopher improved the Pascaline by creating a machine that could also multiply. Like its predecessor, Leibniz's mechanical multiplier worked by a system of gears and dials.

It wasn't until 1820, however, that mechanical calculators gained widespread use. A Frenchman, Charles Xavier Thomas de Colmar, invented a machine that could perform the four basic mathematical functions. The arithmetic, presented a more systematic approach to computing because it could add, subtract, multiply and divide. With its enhanced versatility, the arithmetic was widely used up until World war.

In 1833 “Charles Babbage” an English scientist, designed Analytical Engine using tooth wheels so that it could perform all mathematical operations in a predetermined sequence using a set of operational instructions, so he is called as a “father of computers”.
Charles Babbage (Father of Computer)
Lady Ada Lovelace is considered as the first lady Computer Programmer as she has developed the concept of writing systematic operational instructions for the Analytical Engine.
Lady Ada Lovelace ( 1815 --  1852 )

In 1850 George Boole an English mathematician proposed logic theory of using the binary (two) number system. This had only two numbers 0 and 1. In this procedures all the quantities are represented in terms of 0 and 1 for example 9 is represented as 00001001.
George Boole ( 1815 -- 1864 )
Bool proposed a logic popularly known as Boolean Algebra, Computer processors are designed on this system of logic.




Today computers have become part of our life. The word “computer” comes from the word “compute”, which means, “to calculate”. Usage of computers in different fields has become a necessity in the present competitive word. Although the original objective of inventing a computer was to create a first calculating device, we now define a computer as a device that operates upon data because more than 80% of work done by today’s computers is data processing. Lot of work and evolutions has transpired form the initial computer systems to the present day. Computers are made up of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Components. Computer is just the machines and you must specify the work that is to be carried out by the computer. A computer is often referred to as a “DATA PROCESSOR” because it can store, process, and retrieve data whenever desired. The activity of processing data using a computer is called “DATA PROCESSING”. Data processing consists of three sub activities: capturing input data, manipulating the data, and managing output results. Hence, data is a row material used as input to data processing and information is processed data obtained as output of data processing (Shown in below). 
Data Processing

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Computers Related Most Important Full Form


ALU -  Arithmetic logic unit
ACPI :  Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
AC :  Alternating Current
AM : Amplitude Modulated
AMD : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMD : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
AMI : American Megatrends Inc.
ANSI : American National Standards Institute
APIC : Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
APM : Advanced Power Management
ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIC : Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASPI : Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
AT : Advanced Technology
ATA : AT Bus Attachment
ATAPI : ATA Packet Interface
ATM : Asynchronous Transfer Mode
BBS : Bulletin Board System
BCC : Block Check Character
BSC : Binary Synchronous Communications
BSD : Berkeley Standard Distribution
BTU : British Thermal Units
BCD : Binary Coded Decimal
BIOS : Basic Input / Output System
BNC : Bayonet Nut Connector
BPS/bps : Bytes/bits Per Second
CAM : Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAD : Computer Aided Design
CAS : Column Address Strobe
CPU - Central Processing Unit
CPI : Clocks Per Instruction
CR - Carriage Return

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Computer Shortcuts and Special Character



Alt + F File menu options in current program
Alt + E Edit options in current program
F1 Universal help (for all programs)
Ctrl + A Select all text
Ctrl + X Cut selected item
Shift + Del Cut selected item
Ctrl + C Copy selected item
Ctrl + Ins Copy selected item
Ctrl + V Paste
Shift + Ins Paste
Home Go to beginning of current line
Ctrl + Home Go to beginning of document
End Go to end of current line
Ctrl + End Go to end of document
Shift + Home Highlight from current position to beginning of line
Shift + End Highlight from current position to end of line
Ctrl + f Move one word to the left at a time
Ctrl + g Move one word to the right at a time

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dos Command


Some Important DOS Command Reference
Many course material on the Teaching Network may still use the command line operating system called DOS (Disk Operating System). This requires the user to type specific commands at a prompt. You may also need to use this system, for example, when changing your password, and you can enter DOS by choosing 'MS-DOS Prompt' from the Public menu on the taskbar.

Command Format:
 Commands can be typed in response to the network DOS prompt:
Commands may be typed in upper or lower case. Here, they are specified in upper case to distinguish them from other input. Commands have a particular format.Some can be used
simply by typing the command name only, as in:

Sunday, 14 April 2013

8 Tips and Tricks for Windows 7

Win 7 Tips-Tricks
 The Windows® 7 operating system was designed in response to user feedback, so it features improvements that make it faster, more reliable, and easier for your government agency to use. Windows 7 also helps provide greater security and manageability for local and remote computers helps improve performance and reliability. We’ve gathered some Windows 7 tips and tricks here to help make you even more productive!!!

1. Find everything faster with powerful search tools

  •   Search results as you type. The Instant Search box in Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 returns search results in real time as you type. And the search results can include pictures and rich text, so it’s even easier to find what you’re looking for.
  •  Cast a wider net. Internet Explorer 8 is working with top search providers, such as Bing, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, and Amazon, to help deliver immediate answers along with available imagery as you type your search query. Search also uses your browsing history to make searching even easier.
  •   Find anything. Finding anything on your PC and external hard disk drives is easy—from programs and documents to songs. Simply open the Start menu and type in the search box. Select what you want from the list of instant search results.

Abbreviations "W,X,Y,Z" ( All the "W,X,Y,Z" Character ).

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
W/        With
W3        (see WWW)
W3A       World Wide Web Applets
W3C       World Wide Web Consortium
W4        What-Works-With-What
WABI      Windows Application Binary Interface [SunSoft]
WAIS      Wide Area Information Server
WAITS     Wide Area Information Transfer System
WAN       Wide Area Network
WATS      Wide Area Telecommunications Service
.WAV      Waveform Audio (file name extension)
WC        Word Count
WCS       World Coordinate System
WDL       Windows Driver Library [Microsoft]
WDRAM     Windows Dynamic Random Access Memory
WELL      Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (BBS)
WFW       Windows For Workgroups [Microsoft]
WGS       Work Group System
WHAM      Waveform Hold and Modify [Microsoft]
WHC       Workstation Host Connection
WINE      Windows Emulator

Abbreviations "U,V" ( All the "U,V" Character ).

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
UA        User Agent + User Area
UAE       Unrecoverable Application Error
UART      Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
.UC2      Compressed File (file name extension) [UltraCompressor]
UCL       Universal Communications Language
UCS       Unicode Conversion Support + Universal Character Set +
          User Coordinate System
UCT       Universal Coordinated Time
UDC       User Defined Commands
UDE       Universal Data Exchange
UDF       User Defined Functions
UDG       User Defined Gateway
UDP       User Datagram Protocol
UDT       Uniform Data Transfer
UFS       Unix File System
UG        User Group
UI        Unix International + User Interface
UID       User Identifier
UIMS      User Interface Management System
UL        Underwriters Laboratories +
          Unordered List + Upload
ULA       Uncommitted Logic Array

Abbreviations "T" ( All the "T" Character ).

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
TAD       Telephone Answering Device
TAP       Telelocator Alphanumeric Protoco
TAPCIS    The Access Program for the CompuServe
          Information Service
TAPI      Telephony Applications Programming Interface
.tar      Tape Archive (archived file name extension) [Unix]
.tar.Z    Compressed Archived files (file name extension) [Unix]
TAS       Telephone Access Server
TASM      Turbo Assembler [Borland]
TAXI      Transparent Asynchronous Tranceiver/Receiver Interface
TB        Terabyte (1,024 gigabytes)
T/B       Top and Bottom
TBBS      The Bread Board System (BBS)
TBGA      Tape Ball Grid Array
.TBK      Toolbook (file name extension)
TBU       Tape Backup Unit
TC        Test Control + Transmission Control
TCL       Tool Command Language
TCM       Trellis-Coded Modulation

Abbreviations "S" ( All the "S" Character ).

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
SA        Selective Availability
SAA       Systems Application Architecture [IBM]
SADL      Synchronous Data Link Control [Racal-Vadic]
SAINT   * Symbolic Automatic Integrator
SAL       Shift Arithmetic Left
SAM       Serial Access Memory + Sequential Access Method +
          Single Application Mode [Microsoft]
SANE      Standare Apple Numeric Environment
SAP       Second Audio Program + Service Access
          Point [DEC] + Service Advertising Protocol
SAP     * Symbolic Assembly Program
SAPI      Speech Application Program Interface [Microsoft]
SAR       Shift Arithmetic Right +
          Successive Approximation Register +
          Synthetic Aperature Radar
SAS       Sales Accounting System + Single Attached Station +
          Single Audio System + Statistical Analysis System
SASI      Shugert Associates System Interface (SCSI originated
          from SASI)
SATAN     Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks
.SAV      Saved (file name extension)
SAVDM     Single Application VDM

Abbreviations "Q,R" ( All the "Q,R" Character ).

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
QA        Quality Assurance
QAM       Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QBE       Query By Example
QBF       Query by Form
QBIC      Query By Image Content [IBM]
QC        Quality Control
QDOS      Quick and Dirty Operating System
.QDI      Dictionary (file name extension) [Quicken]
.QDT      Data (file name extension) [Quicken]
QEMM      Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager [Quarterdeck Corp.]
QFA       Quick File Access
QFP       Quad Flat Pack
QIC       Quality Information Using Cycle Time [Hewlett-Packard] +
          Quarter-Inch Cartridge
.QIF      Quicken Import File/Interchange Format (file name extension)
.QMT      Memorized List (file name extension) [Quicken]
.QNX      Indexes to Data (file name extension) [Quicken]
QPG       Quantum Phase Gate

Abbreviations "P" ( All the "P" Character ).

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
PAB       Personal Address Book
PABX      Private Automatic Branch Exchange
PACE      Priority Access Control Enabled [3Com]
PACS      Picture Archiving and Communication System
PACS-L    Public Access Computer Systems List [Internet]
PAD       Packet Assembler/Disassembler
PADS      Pen Application Development System [Slate Corporation]
PAIH      Public-Access Internet Host [Internet]
PAIS      Public-Access Internet Site [Internet]
.PAK      Packed (compressed file name extension) [NoGate
PAL       Paradox Applications Language [Borland] +
          Phase Alternating Line + Programmed Array Logic +
          Programming Assembly Language
.PAL      Palette (file name extension)
PALC      Plasma-Addressed Liquid Crystal (display)
PALS      Principles of the Alphabet Literacy System
PAM       Pulse Amplitude Modulation
PAP       Packet-level Procedure +
          Password Authentication Protocol +
          Printer Access Protocol
PAR       Personal Animation Recorder + Parallel

Abbreviations "N,O" ( All the "N,O" Character ).


Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
NAC       Network Adapter Card
NACD      National Association of Computer Dealers
NACS      National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors
NAE       Not Above or Equal
NAK       Negative Acknowledgment
NAM       Number Assignment Module
NAMPS     Narrow-Band Analog Mobile Phone Service [Motorola]
NANO      One thousand-millionth
NAP       Network Access Point
NAPLPS    North American Presentation Level Protocol
          Syntax (graphics)
NAS       Network Application Support [DEC]
NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASDAQ    National Association of Securities Dealers
          Automatic Quotation
NASI      NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface [Novell]
NASIRC    NASA Automated Systems Internet Response Capability
NASKER    NASA Ames Kernel (benchmark)
NAU       Network Addressable Unit
NAWS      Negotiate About Window Size
NBE       Not Below or Equal
NBI       Nothing But Initials

Abbreviations "M" ( All the "M" Character ).

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
mA        Milliampere
Mac       Macintosh (Apple Macintosh Computer)
MAC       Media/Medium Access Control
.MAC      MacPaint (file name extension) +
          Macro (file name extension)
MACH      Multilayer Actuator Head [Epson]
MADE      Manufacturing and Automated Design Engineering
MADYMO    Mathematical Dynamic Modeling [TNO]
MAh       Milliampere-Hour
.MAI      Mail (file name extension)
MAN       Manual [Unix] + Metropolitan Area Network
MANPAGE   Manual Page [Unix]
MAP       Maintenance Analysis Procedures +
          Manufacturing Automation Protocol +
          Memory Allocation Map
.MAP      Linker Map (file name extension)
MAPI      Mail/Messaging Applications Programming
          Interface [Microsoft]
MAPICS    Manufacturing, Accounting and Production
          Information Control System [IBM]

Abbreviations "J,K,L" ( All the "J,K,L" Character ).


Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations
JA        Jump Address + Jump if Above
JAD       Joint Application Design
JAE       Jump if Above or Equal
JANET     Joint Academic Network
JBE       Jump if Below or Equal
JC        Jump if Carry set
JCL       Job Control Language
JDBC      Java Database Connectivity
JDK       Java Development Kit
JE        Jump if Equal
JEDEC     Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council
JEIDA     Japanese Electronics Industry Development Association
JES       Job Entry System
JFET      Junction Field Effect Transistor
JFIF      JPEG File Interchange Format
JFS       Journaled File System [IBM]
JG        Jump if Greater
JGE       Jump if Greater or Equal
JIPS      JANET Internet Protocol Service
JL        Jump if Less
JLE       Jump if Less than or Equal to
JMP       Jump
JNA       Jump if Not Above
JNAE      Jump if Not Above or Equal

Abbreviations "I" ( All the "I" Character ).

Short Name  çè  Full Name or Abbreviations

IAB       Internet Architecture Board [Internet]
IAC       Inter-Application Communication [Macintosh]
IAG       Instruction Address Generation
IAK       Internet Access Kit [IBM]
IAL     * International Algebraic Language
          (ALGOL was first called IAL)
IANA      Internet Assigned Numbers Authority [Internet]
IAP       Internet Access Provider [Internet]
IAT       Import Address Table
IAUP      Internet User Account Provider [Internet]
IBC       Instrument Bus Computer
iBCS      Intel Binary Compatibility Specification
IBM       International Business Machines (Corporation)
IBM-GL    IBM Graphics Language
IC        Input Circuit + Integrated Circuit + Interrupt Controller
ICA       Intra-application Communications Area
ICAP      Internet Calendar Access Protocol [Lotus]
ICAS      Intel Communicating Applications Specifications
ICB       Internet Citizen's Band

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